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The Role of Project & Program Management Under Cutthroat Competition in Global Markets
Exploring New Approaches in Leading Innovation the Asian Way

Economic growth is a function of three elements, namely: manpower growth rate, capital stock growth rate, and the rate of technological progress. While more and more companies are relocating overseas and as society is rapidly aging, only technological advancement can be expected to grow in Japan. Even a country such as the Philippines should prepare for the possibility of decline in the working population. It is therefore essential to create and introduce innovations that are economically and technologically relevant in vitalizing and strengthening enterprises in both countries.

Improvements in infrastructure, particularly in the transportation, power, telecommunication, and water services sector, are critical for a more competitive Philippines. Meanwhile, the Japanese government has always had a strong desire to cooperate with Asia’s emerging economies, specifically in these areas. Collaboration and partnership among developed and developing countries are essential as we all face problems associated with cutthroat competition at the global level in practically all fields, most especially in energy, natural resources, and environment.

For enterprises to compete in the world market, it is crucial that the organization and its resources are efficiently managed and that the firm has the capability to quickly respond to changing situations and requirements, specifically in the implementation and management of projects. It is precisely the role of P2M to provide the theoretical and practical methods to achieve the goals of efficient and effective project and program management. And it is the purpose of IAP2M to present and discuss these methods and to explore possible collaborative activities between the Philippines and Japan.


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